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Welcome to Northridge Preschool

Welcome to Northridge Preschool! We are proud to be "Raising Good Kids" since 2007. We provide an environment where 3 to 5 year old children can learn good habits and be prepared to practice them in their lives. Our Christian-based curriculum allows kids to grow in character while exploring and having fun!

Meet the Creation Cubs!

The Creation Cubs are characters created exclusively for our preschool to help kids engage, interact and have fun while they learn about the Fruits of The Spirit!

Creation Cubs (1).png

Lonnie, the

Bear Cub of Love

Creation Cubs (2).png

Peyton, the

Tiger Cub of Patience

Creation Cubs 5.png

George, the

Polar Bear Cub of Gentleness

Creation Cubs 4.png

Joy, the

Fox Cub of Joy

Creation Cubs (3).png

Kelsi, the

Panda Cub of Kindness

Creation Cubs 2.png

Faith, the

Leopard Cub of Faithfulness

Creation Cubs 3.png

Penelope, the

Lion Cub of Peace

Creation Cubs 6.png

Gabe, the

Baker Cub of Goodness

Creation Cubs 1.png

Sammy, the

Wolf Cub of Self-Control

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Useful Information


5100 Dickerson Road, Charlottesville VA

Phone Number

(434) 964-1560

Hours of Operation

7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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